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Happy Labor Day! Things around here have been crazy and wild as always. We are officially 10 days away from leaving for Disney, 5 days away from Keeley’s 13th birthday, and 2 days away from Poppy’s birthday!! The month of September has a lot of special birthdays in it which keep us very busy. Today, I am hanging around the house with Jacque and have been doing some baking and fall decorating. Hubby went on a fishing trip and the kiddos are gone on holiday visitation and won’t be home until later tonight. So I have been able to get a lot of things accomplished.

I found him like this while I was baking!

I found him like this while I was baking!

This evening we are celebrating Poppy’s birthday with a dessert bar so I made his favorite cookies and a new dessert I’m excited to try. I have been packing for Disney a little this weekend trying to make things easier on myself next week. I’m definitely a planner. I am so excited about our upcoming trip but I’m trying not to wish time away too quickly because I really want to embrace this special vacation with the kids. This is the first time I have ever visited Disney in the fall and we were lucky enough to get the free dining plan that was offered so this trip is going to be very different than past ones. I am excited to try all the tasty food and the fact that it is FREE is even better!

Saturday kicked off Razorback football and I was very excited! Hubby and I went to Brandi and C.J.’s house to watch it and then spent the rest of the evening hanging out watching Lost on Netflix. It’s been a good relaxing weekend but I miss the kids. It’s so quiet and lonely without them. I like hearing their sweet voices and the sounds of them playing together. I like our home filled with my very favorite people.

This next week is filled with lots of family time and few big events at work so we will be super busy. The girls are going to spend time with their Aunt Nitni tomorrow for their birthday since we aren’t doing a party for them this year, Wednesday I will be packing the kids suitcases since they won’t be home again before we leave, Thursday we are going out with the Chandler’s and the Lee’s to finalize plans, Friday and Saturday are filled with Log A Load and Sunday I am working to make up hours I will be missing while on vacation! Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it all!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Talk to ya’ll soon!

The other night I was talking to my husband and threw out the idea of starting a blog. I have been thinking about it for a while now but the timing never seemed right. I am always reading blogs and always commenting to my husband about something I read or a recipe I found that I want to try. When I asked his opinion his words without a single hesitation was “what has taken you so long to decide. I have been wondering for over a year now why you haven’t brought this up!”

So, here it is! My first blog post! My goal is to document our life as a family so that my kiddos have something to go back and read. I used to scrapbook all the time and loved it but just don’t have the time or patience for it anymore.

A little background information in case I ever have readers other than my mom or husband! First, I am a mom to three really amazing kids and the wife of a fireman who is the most patient, loving, supportive husband on earth. I love all things Disney, sweet tea, chocolate, the Razorbacks, the Packers and have a bag/purse problem! The first step is admitting, right?

Both my husband and I were previously married. He had two children and I had one but they are all three ours because we get the blessing of raising them for life! Keeley is our oldest and she will be 13 next Saturday, Logan is the middle child and he is 11 and Addison is the youngest and she will be 7 in about 2 weeks! Can we stop time please! Keeley and Logan were 7 & 6 when I came into their lives and Addison was 19 months when Brad came into her life.

Brad and I dated in high school off and on a little less than two years. We went to prom together his senior year but broke up the summer before my senior year started. We both wanted very different things at that time and we were so young. He was ready to “settle” or so he thought and I had plans to finish high school and go to college. Little did we know that night when we, or shall I say I, decided to go my separate way that our paths would cross again almost a decade later. Two marriages, three kids, backgrounds very similar we quickly realized that the feelings we had for each other long ago were not gone. We only dated about two months before we decided to get married. I guess when you know why wait! Of course, both families were very concerned because we had just both come out of marriages and children were involved but 5 years later we are happy and strong and I love him more today than ever!

Being a mom and stepmom has been one of the hardest but most rewarding challenges of my life! They are very different but so much the same. When you marry someone with children you marry not just them but the kids as well. It’s a lifelong commitment and one that I take very seriously. I love ALL three of my kids and they are all treated the same. Sometimes people don’t understand that and probably think it just sounds good but any parent with more than one child knows you love all of your children equally but you love them differently because they are each so unique. My opinion is don’t judge someone’s situation unless you have walked in their shoes. It kind of reminds me of when I first became a mom and everyone had their “advice” on how to raise her. You have to learn to just listen, smile, nod, and figure out yourself how it all goes. Trial and error! Sorry kids!

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